WIW: 7.20.11

(Egyptian skirt, Wet Seal Cami, F21 hat)

So today was an unbelievably hot (hot, hot, hot, hot) day. My remedy? Light skirt and comfy cami, paired with easy accessories. I love this skirt! My aunt brought it back for me from Egypt. The best part? It ties around the waist, leaving a hint of all the lovely fabrics.
Going to try some new water recipes today. Yes...water recipes. I'm going to see what ingredients make plain old water taste like...like...amazingly yummy tasting water. Wish me luck!

<3 R~E~

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Inspiration 7.12.11

A Sense of Bliss
A vast expanse of warm, endless water. Silky sand, crashing waves.
Overflowing Bliss.
Departing day, vanishing rays.
Mysterious (and somewhat...dangerous) Bliss.
Carefree Bliss. Enough said.
Archway of Bliss. Cheesy, I know. Sounds nice though, doesn't it?
All-to-youself Bliss.
I'm six again Bliss.
Bow Bliss (my favorite kind of bliss).
The Bliss of Friendship. And of being in beautiufl places. Both work.